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“The Cruelty Is the Point”: U.S. Still Denying Protection to Severely Ill People With No Legal Status—Despite Announcing Otherwise

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced on September 19, 2019 it was reinstating the “medical" deferred action program. Yet the outcome in deferred action cases across the country continue to raise concerns.

‘It’s Scarier Than Having A Surgery’: A Year Later, Uncertainty Around Medical Deferrals Remains

It's been a year since federal immigration authorities re-started what's known as medical deferred action after quietly trying to eliminate it without any public notice.


Saved Deferred Action: A Life-Saving Stopgap for Immigration

Last August, USCIS announced that it would end the deferred action policy for most people, and in carrying this out, sent letters notifying applicants that the agency no longer handles the program and to depart the United States within 33 days.

A 2-Year Old Boy is Getting Cancer Treatment in Philly. His Parents May Be Deported to Mexico

Fabian Flores Alameda is not yet 3, too young to comprehend the lethality of the cancer that pummels his small body or the nature of the crisis that confronts his immigrant parents.


A South Jersey Migrant Family with Cancer-Stricken Child Can Stay in the U.S. for Treatment

An undocumented South Jersey couple who had been ordered to leave the United States — with or without their cancer-stricken 8-year-old daughter — has been granted permission to stay so the child can continue to receive lifesaving treatment in Philadelphia.